TÜYAP, Crowned Stationery Office Fair with success

The Fair  received  full note from the participants 

Istanbul Stationery Office Fair, opened with participation of T.R. Minister of Customs and Trade, Mr Bülent Tüfenkci and ATO President Gürsel Baran, received  full note  from participants, progressing from a local fair approach  to a global one.
Istanbul Stationery Office Fair took place at TÜYAP for the first time this year and well received by the participants after five days of intense bilateral meetings. 216 brands and 165 companies-company representatives from the US, Germany, Austria, China, Czech Republic, France, India, Hong Kong, England, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand, Greece and Turkey took part in the fair where a wide range of products from school and office materials to educational games, office machinery and office supplies and bags were exhibited.
The fair brought together world markets with sector brands, hosting a total of 9.863 visitors, 572 international visitors from 50 countries and 9.291 national visitors from 78 cities, with purchasing committees formed at target countries through T.R. Ministry of Economy, Tüyap offices at Moscow, Sofia, Tehran, Tbilisi, Skopje and Cairo and through TÜKİD as well as individual visitors.
Upon extensive inspections of stationery and office materials, rate of safety has reached up to 98% in the sector, and brands received an overwhelming interest from the visitors filling up their order forms from the first day.
The next Istanbul Stationery Office Fair will open its doors to participants and visitors between February 21-25, 2018 at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center.
Progress of Global Economy with Professor Kerem Alkin
On the fourth day of the fair organized in cooperation between TÜYAP and TÜKİD, a discussion event titled “Progress of Global Economy” was held where Professor Kerem Alkin met with sector executives. Alkin made assessments of the global markets and the sector and said: “We need to promote Turkey’s ability in product quality. Fairs such as Istanbul Stationery Office Fair, congresses and efforts to develop common export strategies should be strong. More than 60 percent of our exports was to European countries. Focusing on a single market is dangerous. Even a tiny economic breakage would be affecting us. Turkey’s efforts to diversify its markets since 2016 is, therefore, significant.”
Stationery Fair took its visitor to a nostalgic tour
The fair hosted a variety of events, with various exhibitions taking the visitors to a nostalgic tour.
Design Approach: “Distance to Text”
The exhibition focused on literature and writers, and examples of design approaches focusing on ensuring reader concentration with respect to literary texts were presented.
The Right to Education
Each year, Poster for Tomorrow poster contest brings a basic right and freedom to the agenda and in 2011, the theme was “the right to education”. The works considered by the selection committee in 2011 were exhibited as part of Istanbul Stationery Office Fair 2017, with approval and valuable contribution of Herve Matine.
Stationery Materials: Bad Tools and Good Tools...
Stationery tools and ephemera that is long lost from desk tops, school desks and student bags after the start of desktop computers, many of which are now museum worthy, took the visitors on a nostalgic tour.
From School Years Book, Just Like Yesterday
Photos collected from archives presented school memories from the early decades of the Republic to the enjoyment of visitors.
Product Launches appear for the first time in Trend Area
The special Trend Area formed to provide participant companies an opportunity to exhibit newest products allowed 14 companies to exhibit hundreds of products for the first time in this fair. The trend area  presented many products ranging from stationery to office desktop tools, paint materials, to school bags and traveling bags to the enjoyment of visitors.
Safety approved products received great interest
The fair provided opportunity for participant companies to demonstrate their product groups throughout the fair and 9 companies organized a variety of workshops. Safety approved products were exhibited in the fair and a number of activities were carried out regarding calligraphy, mind games, art of painting, marbling, graffiti, play putties, mosaic decoration, magnetic building stones and texture with relief where visitors had the opportunity to examine the products.
Note to editor:
Tüyap Fairs has 120,000 m2 indoor and 25,000 m2 outdoor exhibition space to serve exhibitors and visitors with international standards and has outdoor and indoor parking space with 6.100 vehicles. With over 700 employees in its venues in Istanbul, Bursa, Konya, Adana, Diyarbakır and Samsun, Tüyap Fairs have organized a total of 1.629 fairs, 1,465 fairs in Turkey and 164 foreign fairs in 37 countries. Tüyap has hosted 275,913 participants and 46,399,122 visitors from 179 countries.