Fair Bag Sponsorship

  • Advertising Medium

    Fair Bag Sponsorship
  • Available Units

  • Technical Implementation

    Can be realized in 2 various materials. Plastic or recycled paper. For both materials special offers should be made. One side of the bag will bear the institutional fair design, designed by Tüyap, the other side will bear the design made by the sponsoring firm. 10 % of the produced lot will be delivered to the sponsoring firm. Printing falls under the responsibility of Tüyap.
  • Usage Fee

    Sponsorship prices:  5.000 bags 10.000 bags 15.000 bags

    -Paper bags  3.500 Euro + VAT  6.000 Euro + VAT  9.000 Euro + VAT

    - Plastic bags: Minimum 40.000 pieces Price: 6.000 Euro + VAT

    Sponsorship prices for the bags, produced from other materials, will be formed according to the material, and the implementation choices of the sponsoring firm.